INOFO is based upon REGIONAL NETWORKS of OFOs wherever Organic farmers organisations have: a) consented to participate and: b) where the regional network has mandated one or more organisations as responsible for the Convenorship, with their elected Convenors (or antenna) acting as links. The networks so far established in the following regions have elected their Convenors:

  • Latin America & Caribbean NOFO > List of “antena”
  • Europe NOFO > List of Convenors
  • Africa NOFO (West, East & Southern) > Lists of Convenors
  • Asia NOFO (South, South-East) > Lists of Convenors

The list of Convenors names & addresses is available here on the Documents page. If you find no organisation of organic farmers in your country or district, please create one, including traditional subsistence farmers and any who are considering the Organic method of production.

Any organisation of organic farmers (or an organisation interested in this method of production) that is not yet part of a regional network, can mandate a farmer or staff employee as contact person and should then inform the existing regional network (above) or, where none exists, inform other organisations in the region. In any case, please send a copy to the inter-continental Council of Convenors :

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