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Inofo AG 2017_ordre du jour_version du 14-X-17_FR                                                                Inofo GA 2017_agenda_version of 14-X-17_EN

Invitation to INOFO GA, Delhi, 8 Nov 2017 (EN): INOFO GA 2017_invitation EN_             Invitation à l’AG INOFO, Delhi, le 8 novembre 2017 (FR): INOFO AG 2017_invitation FR_

OFO mandate form_for Delegate or Convenor_at INOFO GA 2017_EN                                      OFO formulaire de mandat_pour délégué ou convocateur_en AG INOFO 2017_FR

INOFO Convenors Bulletin N°11 (Dec 2014): Eng, Esp, Fr, 2014 GA Register
INOFO Convenors Bulletin N°10 (April 2014):
English, Español, Français

EUROPE: Munich 2-XII-2016: European Organic Farmers Group Joint Statement, rejecting the EU Commission’s handling of their latest attempt to revise the EU Organic Agriculture Regulation: EU Organic Farmers Joint Statement_Munich_2016-12-02

The current situation in Brazil: INOFO Council’s internal report in 3 languages:  
INOFO_report from Brazil_PT-FR-EN_Jan 2017

INOFO_Flyer_Lagos Oct 2015_doublé_FR                                                                                    INOFO_Flyer_Lagos Oct 2015_doubled_EN