INOFO’s first member webinar!

Invite for all OFOs! Kindly Register below !!

With the outbreak of the corona pandemic the situation changed completely. With the dramatic consequences of the pandemic, each organic farmer and INOFO as a network is facing an unexpected challenge. For INOFO as a network, the most challenging consequence is, that with the pandemic, it is impossible to have global network meetings. So, the INOFO council decided that the INOFO members should vote about postponing the INOFO General Assembly to 2021. But in these times communication and information is crucial. So, the council also decided that, instead of the GA, INOFO will provide for 2020 a member webinar.

This webinar is planned to be in an interactive form of communication. It is not just about delivering Information’s; it is also about initiating the communication with the participants. That means a Webinar is “live”. So already existing and possible member Organic Farmer Organisations can register here!

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