4th IFOAM Youth Congress in March 2019

Last March 26-31, the 4th IFOAM Youth Congress was held in New Taipei, Taiwan with the theme “Access to market, a road to sustainability”. Participants of the congress learned and heard ways in promoting organic agriculture, protection of the environment and encourage the youth to take active role in organic agriculture development from local and international speakers from Philippines, India, Argentina and South Korea.

After the inputs, the participants were able to visit organic farms and village that gave inspiration and model in developing a community working together to attain sustainability and become climate change resilient. The processing centre for organic vegetables that provide organic lunch to schools also gave an idea on how local government and private sector partnership can help improve the health of the citizen and at the same time, provide livelihood to farmers.

Taiwan Youth Congress (National) Dec 2018

Last December 10-14, 2018, a Youth Training-Workshop of the Eco-Friendly Farming & the Organic Agriculture was held in Gongguan and Hualien in Taiwan. The activity was participated by indigenous farmers from all over Taiwan and aimed to strengthen the organic agriculture adaption and implementation by farmers in the country.

The series of training-workshops were organized by Association of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples’ Development (ATIPD), an active member of INOFO, with local youth organization and supported by the National Government of Taiwan.    

Local speakers from the university and government discussed the overall organic agriculture program, including support, from production, machineries and certification. 

ATIPD also invited Rowena Buena of Masipag in the Philippines to talk about INOFO and PGS; Vitoon R. Panyakul of GreenNet in Thailand discussed the responses of farmers on extreme climate and Miyoshi Satoko, IFOAM Asia Board, discussed the development of the Organic Agriculture from the strategy of supporting young farmers in Japan.

Aside from the lecture discussion, field and market visits were also done as well as discussion with successful processors and organic producers in Gogguan and Hualien areas.