INOFO’s first Online Webinar on Participatory Guarantee Systems

INOFO had its first online webinar on Participatory Guarantee System on 28 July 2020.

With this webinar, we aim to inspire organic farmers organizations by sharing how local initiatives strengthen local production, consumption and marketing of organically grown food and products to ensure the health and wellness of the citizens and provide income to farmers through PGS not only during this time of crisis but as a sustainable, reliable and earth-friendly food production system.

For those who could not join us for this Webinar on PGS in Asia and the Pacific along with the PGS initiatives from IFOAM Organics International, please click here for the recording.

For the individual Presentations, please click below:

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Promotion of PGS for local marketing in Eastern Africa

Using strategic relations and platforms, INOFO is pursuing the harmonization of PGS operations using the EAOPS mark in the region.  During the recent two day meeting hosted by PELUM, Kenya, for the Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) Initiative forum for indigenous certification bodies in Eastern Africa region, the EA convener shared an update of INOFO in the region and expressed INOFO’s desire to directly participate in the on-going local and regional marketing initiatives through participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS). Through this forum, we had the opportunity of participating in the on-going review process of the East African Organic Products Standard (EAOPS).  Additionally, on behalf of OFOs/INOFO in Uganda, the JMC (Joint Management Committee), which is responsible for overseeing and regulating use of the EAOPS mark in the region, was implored to follow up on PGS implementation in Uganda. The representatives of the Organic Sector in Uganda as a way forward agreed to meet and look into the PGS operations in the country and work out a strategy for streamlining them to the benefit of all OFOs.

The Freshveggies PGS members have continued to participate in the weekly local markets at Gombe Kinoni Wood Farms, in Wakiso District. 20 members are actively involved in this local market which attracts about 50 – 200 buyers within the neighborhood. The market deals in fresh foods such as local vegetables, bananas, sweet potatoes, maize, beans and fruits.