European organic farmers meet in Romania

From 21. / 23 June, representatives of various organic-farmer organisations, from all over Europe met for agricultural policy and professional exchange in Romania. About five years ago, the political umbrella organisation of the European Organic movement, IFOAM EU founded with the farmer Sector Group (OFO Europe), a forum for the farming organisations of the European organic-sector. Over the years, the farmer sector group, has become a strong political voice of European organic-farmers. The meeting in Romania started with political events in Bucharest, because at the beginning of 2019 Romania will take over the European presidency. In the following days the farmers exchanged about different topics in a small round. The focus was on the upcoming reform of the common European agricultural policy and on the ongoing revision of the EU organic-regulation. During the meeting, a new board for the farmer Sector Group was also elected for the next two years.

Reform of the Common Agriculture policy : On 1st June, the EU Commission presented its proposal for the new common EU agricultural policy (CAP) after 2020. The result of the proposal was not surprising. But it caused many for discussions and insurance, because: According to the EU Commission proposal, there should be more responsibility given to the Member States. There are also instruments which could lead to more performance orientation – only looked at the proposal from the European Commission, a positive reform is possible, but also the complete opposite – a damaging ‘ continue-so ‘. This is a critical development, because of the reduced European budget for agriculture.

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