Réseau Inter-continental des Organisations de Paysans Biologistes
Red Inter-continental de Organizaciones de Productores Ecológicos

INOFO is not a new organisation, and certainly not one for individual farmers to join.

It is a network that facilitates a new relationship between existing Organic* farmers unions. Efforts by Organic farmers organisations over many years to set up their own professional union have taken root, as seen in successive INOFO general assemblies : Italy 2008, Korea 2011, Istanbul 2014 & Delhi 2017. They now have their autonomous, self-organised infrastructure within which they consult & cooperate on matters of common concern and can, on occasion, speak in any forum with legitimate professional voice, including of course within the multi-professional international federation of Organic agriculture movements.

INOFO’s initial objectives were limited to setting up an effective infra-structure of Delegates & Convenors mandated from the grass roots upwards, by which organic farmers organisations keep in touch with each other at national & regional levels and, via the Convenors Council, at inter-continental level. This minimal infra-structure belongs specifically and exclusively to organic farmers organisations. Every 3 years, local or national organisations send delegates to INOFO General Assembly (always immediately preceding the Organic World Congress). At the 2014 INOFO GA in Istanbul, 54 delegates from 48 farmers organisations in 29 countries represented about 2.5 million farming families. To the latest INOFO GA, in Delhi, Wednesday 8th Nov 2017, came 88 delegates from 64 organisations in 25 countries. The Assembly set the organisational & thematic agenda for 3 years, elected the new Council of Convenors that looks after the inter-continental network for the following 3 years, and set some thematic priorities.

Next INOFO GA in the city of Rennes, France, in Sept 2020.

The regional networks can be represented, by their Convenors or other mandated delegates, in political or professional forums in each region and the INOFO Council of Convenors itself represents Organic farmers at global level, pursuing common objectives as they relate to food sovereignty in general and, in particular, to public policy & farmers land rights, climate adaptation, production standards & guarantee systems, marketing & pricing negotiations, participatory research, technical training & exchanges, education & other farmers concerns.

REGIONAL NETWORKS  now exist in most regions. Having identified and contacted all organisations, with a view to understanding their exact nature, activities & attitudes, the Convenor elected in each region can hear what farmers want on the agenda, can circulate reports, statements & proceedings and can facilitate internal and external consultations. Each Regional Network organises its own translation services where necessary. Each regional Convenor, with an assistant from another farmers organisation, facilitates occasional or annual consultations at national or regional level, and helps to organise the inter-continental GA every three years.


* The English term designating this production method, Organic agriculture, is synonymous in other languages with different terms, such as ecologico and biologique, as defined by private standards and/or legislation in most countries. It is not a theory, an ideology or a trading system, it is a method of production.. based on the agronomy of the living soil and on the historic refusal by pioneer farmers of synthetic chemicals (fertilisers, pesticides and other unwanted inventions). For further explanation see the “Explanations” page: “Organic Agriculture & Agro-ecology“.