Millions of producers around the world are farming organically, either certified for situations that require it, or in PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) for local markets, or by default as traditional subsistence farmers. They are in all sorts of climatic regions from tropical to subarctic and on all continents except Antarctica. Many are organized as members of a local Organic Farmers Organisation or in the Organic section of a general farmers union.

With support from the International Fund for Agricultural Development IFAD, in the framework of the IFAD-INOFO project 2014-2016, Building the Capacity of the Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers Organizations, the mapping of Organic Farmers Organizations was begun.

The mapping was at first carried out in 6 countries in Asia, 16 countries in Africa, 24 countries in Latin America & Caribbean. For 32 countries in Europe the process is ongoing. In total, information from more than 1300 OFOs has been compiled, involving more than 650,000 farmers, including third-party certified, PGS-guaranteed and default as traditional subsistence farmers.

The data displayed in this map cannot be considered as complete statistical data. The map shows figures only for countries were the OFO mapping has begun. Countries not yet mapped by INOFO appear in grey with “no data”.

To know more about OFOs in any country or to be involved in their activities, please seek them out locally, or via the INOFO Council of Convenors :

Help us also to advance the OFO mapping by adding new organisations to our compilation. If no data or insufficient numbers appear for your country, please ask your local Organic Farmers Organisation to submit data to the above address.

The initial mapping was done in 2015.
Last update: October 2016.