Position Statement from INOFO 4th April 2018 at Stop Golden Rice Network International Conference, Philippines

We, Organic Farmers from the Inter-Continental Network of Organic Farmers Organisation (INOFO), a self-organized structure within IFOAM who gives organic farmers a voice, inside the organic movement and outside towards the public and politic, oppose all GM crops in total including the Golden Rice. GMOs have been proven to negatively affect our health; additionally it puts high risk on the farmer ownership of seeds. Therefore as an international organization who support our healthy planet, we oppose any seeds that go against the sustainable growth of the planet. 

It is un-needed, un-safe and un-predictable technology. 

We do not need to spend enormous amount of money to create a Rice variety that has Vitamin A. Our organic farms are full of diversity of crops including different kinds of pumpkins, Papaya and other numerous fruits and leafy vegetables which give us our Vitamin A. 

Contamination from GM crops has proven time and again in many parts of the world and organic farmers continue to face the threat at various levels. The Golden Rice would contaminate our indigenous rich Rice diversity losing the different nutritional qualities and purity of our indigenous variety. Rice, as our staple food, plays a significant part of our culture and tradition. So unless it is proven safe for us and our environment, we continue to oppose Genetically Modified Crops.

Experiences from Green Revolution and GM crops have left organic farmers with no choice to grow their own indigenous varieties. We lose our right to seed, right to grow and right to live by increasing dependence on the external markets increasing the cost of production, indebtedness ultimately leading to suicides. Even under severe pressure we as Organic Farmers Organisations will continue to stand for the organic farmers who strive hard to provide poison-free, GM-free organically grown healthy food for our future generations to come.

We call upon the Philippine Government to heed the call of  farmers and consumers to reject Golden Rice commercialization in the country and uphold rights to safe, nutritious, diverse, organically sourced food.

* INOFO is a Network of like-minded Organic Farmer organisations, with the task to establish relationships between organic farmers organisation all over the world. These organisations can cooperate in pursuing their common objectives as they relate to food sovereignty in general and, in particular, to public policy and land rights, climatic adaptation, production standards and guarantee systems, marketing and pricing negotiations, participatory research, technical exchanges, education, seed sovereignty and other farmers concern, like  strengthen the peasant movement, especially for organic peasants.

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